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Snapmap Game Mode ideas!

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Here's one I've just had.

A version of the SP campaign where you have the player(s) going through the levels normally but another player can take control of monsters placed by Id. It doesn't even have to be against another player all the time. You can just open the game to this game mode and you won't know when a player decides to spawn in, leading to unpredictable gameplay. When you die, you can take control of another monster. All the other monsters are controlled by the AI, as usual. There could even be up to four marines and up to 8 players controlling monsters.

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Also with the server setup Doom has, it's not really going to support the kind of asynchronous connection setup you're describing.

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No part of this idea would work.

You can't edit or use official SP maps with snapmap.

You can't have more than 4 players in snapmap.

You can't take direct control of existing monsters in any game mode. Maybe you could find a way to give "demon" players demon runes to turn them into demons instead, but who knows how well you can make that work.

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We need the source code to create something that big. Or idStudio maybe.

It reminds of CoC gameplay though

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