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Hello there! You might know me as Neonstar or Neonspider in other forums but I thought you might be interested in a music project I'm working on over my term holidays (2 weeks off school).

I know there's quite a lot of different versions of DOOM's soundtrack but I want to make one that's more of an "enhancement" than a cover or remix project. Think maybe if DOOM's soundtrack was CD based like Shadow Warrior, it still had MIDI but with small extras mixed into it, perhaps what PlayStation/Saturn DOOM could have sounded like if the devs worked with the original music instead of replacing it with ambient stuff.

I'm basically taking the original MIDIs and making adjustments, replacing the instruments with synths, SC-55 soundfonts I picked up, a real SC-55, and FX like echoes and whatnot. My project won't have recorded guitar or anything like that, I want to capture the original 'feel' of each track but turn it up to 12. If you don't like the GM or SC-55 based versions of the DOOM soundtrack, this may not be for you.

I've done DOOM's Title music and first two tracks so far. The Imp's Song is probably my best work so far. What do you guys think? :)


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Hey! I think it's very exciting with a project dedicated to the DOOM music!

But regarding your remix of "E1M3", I think you're off to a slightly wrong direction, in my opinion! I don't think it's necessary to try to add more atmosphere to that tune as it in fact just collides with the "essence" of it, at least to me. I think that music is just meant to be "completely open" as in not with any lurking atmosphere in the background. I'd say it's in the same "genre" as say "MAP23" but unlike "23" this one starts slow and then picks up momentum, but they're both "jams" to get in the groove to while taking a breather from the perhaps more difficult parts of the game, or at least for a break from the other type of songs found in the soundtrack.

I really like the music for E1M3 because it's very unique amidst the whole soundtrack of the games, and I think that testifies of a fantastic job at the hands of Robert Prince.

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