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Project Hellraiser (Working Title)

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I have been plinking away at this in GZDoom Builder for about three weeks and am finally okay with sharing a video of me trouncing around the first map.


I will be changing out quite a few of the enemies and adding some custom weapons down the line, but I'm a bit rusty at Doom modding, so bear with me. lol

The basic storyline of the "MegaWad" (Only slated to be 20-24 maps at the moment)is: A secret UAC facility in Antarctica continued their portal research under more controlled conditions, but the results were the same... sort-of. Later (not that I have any way to convey this in-game without bogging down the slaughter), you'll find out that the Mastermind's race of demons in combination with a group of Elder Archviles have combined forces to resurrect the Icon of Sin, so you must travel to Hell and kill them all again. Rip and tear, rip and tear... lol

Let me know what you guys think. :)

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Looks pretty cool. I like all of the props and decorations you have. My favorite is that donut. I ended up watching several minutes of the video out of curiosity of what design choices would pop up next.

Some criticisms:

1) The blood demon looks out of place -- the sprite is a tacky recolor and I was never a fan of it. When you add new enemies, I think you should avoid ones that are cheap-looking recolors. For example the chainsaw zombie and the gray marine (if I saw that correctly) look more sophisticated, and I liked them. Cheap is a matter of taste of course, but just to provide a baseline for my opinion, the R667 Diabolist and Plasma Elemental are recolors/redesigns I wouldn't call cheap, whereas most of the R667 cacodemons are.

2) It also seems like there's a tendency for rooms to be squares with flat floors and flat ceilings with not much architecture beside the occasional set of pillars, with most of the ceiling architecture coming from the way one room is positioned next to another. Those simple rooms are adorned with a lot of detail and props. That's not my favorite style of design, but this is certainly one of the better-looking maps I've seen in that style.

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Thanks for the critique. :)

The Blood Demon is definitely a placeholder for a variant of the Demon I want to make that has cybernetic armor. I just needed a tougher-to-kill demon for now. :)

I will say that I like the CacoLantern and am a huge fan of the CacoLich.

The room architecture I already knew would look pretty bland, but it was an industrial space + welcome center (lobby area)and I wanted it to feel simplistic and utilitarian.
The sewers will tend towards a lot of tunnels and pipeways, high tech labs will look very angular and... high-tech? lol

I am toying with a lot of unfamiliar functions to figure out what I want my version of hell to look like. Thinking some sort of really dark areas, lots of smoke and generally creepy instead of all out fire and brimstone, I want to save that for some epic stage to fight a new Icon of Sin.

I noticed on a watch-through I have a few textures still not aligned too... *Shakes fist* Those things kill me whenever I see them.

Yeah, I have a lot of work ahead.

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