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Wads with backstories?

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Back awhile ago, I found out about all these controversial games that were banned and censored because of their impact on impressionable kids and teens. I started learning about Doom, and how the shooters at Columbine made their own maps.

What I'm looking for is going to start with Doom wads, with my examples being the Columbine Wads by Harris and Klebold.

I know this is a very weird question, but is there any Doom / Game modifications that were made by murderers or anyone with a really twisted backstory?

Long story short, I miss the days of curiosity on the Internet... Creepy Pastas, True Crime, Gore, and I just kind of want to spark that guilty pleasure again, seeing something that was made by an infamous person who was an avid fan of a video game.

Since this is Doomworld Fourms, I want this to stay relevant, so I'm capitalizing on Doom Wads in a general sense. Not a specific wad, because I don't know if any actually exist.

Please no "found footage" or "original content" type recommendations. Killers boasting around with guns or making flash animations on new grounds doesn't fall under the whole, "relevant" theme.

Also, excessively violent wads with strong implications of homicidal intent (such as public places with many enemies and weapons) do not count. When I started making wads, I made a lot of "realistic" type wads, and a lot of people I knew made some place that could be mistaken for a plot or a plan.

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