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'90s songs you won't get out of your head thread

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You better leave this thread right now because it WILL disrupt the rest of your day! ...or you can stick around and contribute to the madness.

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Basically the whole Dwango soundtrack, but that includes a lot of great 80's songs as well.

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^Doomkid: I remember hearing that from some music wad on idgames, that MIDI for it was excellent. heck, that whole music wad was what got me into grunge like 7 years ago.

Currently have this for now (good thread by the way): Better than the more well-known version?

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Avoozl said:

Recently Eiffel 65 - Blue has been playing on and off in my head.

i have this song in my mind very frequently. when i was a kid i used to listen to a "furby" mix version of that song all day long XD

it didnt even sound like a furby was singing it sound more like alvin and the chipmunks. i dont even know why liked it

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Oh man, I'm not sorry at anything in this thread - DISRUPTION COMMENCE!

Along with many others on here the 90's was my youth - I bet I can go digging up songs for fucking DAYS

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