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GZDoom 2.1.x Devbuild - Enemy vision change?

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I've noticed with the development versions (Apr 19 specifically, build 1318) that there is a little bit of difference with enemy vision. While I was playing through some Oblige stuff, I've noticed these guys did not immediately wake up with the line of sight stuff so I assumed they were set to ambush.

Shooting them or having a better angle or getting closer seemed to wake them up, in example 1 I had to enter the room the zombieman and demon were in and example 2 I had to get closer or in the hallway the former human group were stationed.

What was changed here to make them behave as if REJECT effects between sectors was put in place?

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I found a good spot in this generated WAD, it is around the room looking to the exit room and should happen throughout the WAD so it should give ample opportunity to see this happen due to the large number of windows used, especially when there is floor height variance between two rooms.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mz86rfah8667x71/temptest.zip

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I found some spots in MAP01 and MAP03 so far..


First shot is MAP01, near the exit around X 1063, Y 1088.

Second one is a chaingunner on MAP03 positioned at X 3754, Y 803.

Third shot is chaingunner on MAP03 at X 4361, Y 1920.

Shot 4 is a chaingunner near the exit at X 5141, Y 1581.

There was even a blind guy on MAP03 at X 1482, Y 4146. He didn't wake up until I got closer or went around that 32 unit chest high sector. I accidentally killed him before I took a screenshot.

It's like the enemies suddenly have a lack of peripheral vision/horse blinders on, especially vertically.

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I can't see anything suspicious. Can it be that your version wasn't yet up to date? There have been a few sight checking issues in the last few weeks.

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I recall I did not have this issue in one of the early April devbuilds but plopping the April 19th build on top of it and I saw these blinder/vision issues for some odd reason.

I'll check if the April 21st version does anything or if it persists.

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The April 21st devbuild doesn't appear to have this issue, if almost not an issue. Went through a few levels and have not noticed this "blindness" issue the April 19th build had.

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