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Automatic Lighting in Doom Builder?

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Is there a way to do some automatic lighting in Doom Builder 2? I'm mapping for ZDoom and I was wondering if I could do this via a plugin or something.
Does anybody know if there's a way to do this or get this?

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ChekaAgent said:

What do you mean by automatic lighting? Are you too lazy to adjust lighting yo'self?

I mean by automatically making shadows and bright sectors and shit like that. Trying to make lighting look good is pretty hard.

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Lighting can be done in a million ways. Making an appealing/impressive lighting that fits both your architecture/texturing and your creative style/vision might not be possible to automate. You are generally supposed to do it manually, possibly using simple helpful features such as Draw Grid, Sector Brightness Gradient, or the abovementioned experimental plugin for horizontal lighting, but each of those may of course only be useful under specific circumstances to achieve specific intermediate goals, not as a magic button to make your maps prettily lighted up out of the sudden.

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