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Kontra Kommando

China Creates Anti-Riot Robot “AnBot”

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Check out the video on the china news site. The robot demonstrates a taser weapon at the end of the video

Seems more like R2-D2 than Robocop.


Here's another source.


An electrical anti-riot device can be activated through remote control if a threat is detected.Shouting for help in the patrol area or pushing the robot’s emergency button will alert the police immediately....Wei Quansheng, an officer from Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, said the robot guard can be used in many public places such as airports, stations and subways to help with police officers’ anti-riot missions.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how that thing's supposed to fight a riot man. It's kind of slow and all around looks more like a moving terminal or something that'd serve airline food. It's like all the worse parts of a Dalek.

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The idea of having robot oppression troops to keep humans in line is extremely China's jam.

You can bet a robotank wouldn't have stopped.

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