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Eternal Doom Map 27 The Hive by Espi

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I have been organizing all my favorite maps and mods, and organizing them in a way that makes them easy to find and maintain. In the mean time I have been making simple menu batch files to launch the maps and link them with my favorite mods.

That’s when I remembered The Shrine by Espi. This map was included in Eternal Doom as map 27 and was my favorite map in the project.

After reading the text file Espi mentioned that it was part of a future planned episode that he was hoping to release in the future. Unfortunately in a sad twist of events I learned that he died in 2007 due to cancer.

Did he ever release any more maps for that project before he died? Furthermore has anyone else released any maps in tribute to The Shrine in honor of such a great map and the genius of the author.

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