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Is Azamael alive at all?

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Not sure if you know Azamael: as far as I know, his real name is Kolybenko Michailo, a Doom mapper from Ukraine who has contributed to Russian community projects (Sacrament, A.L.T., Heroes' Tales, Da Will) and had some own releases too (Time of Sorrow, SnoW2008).

Seeing his work, I can safely say he's one of the best mappers I've ever seen, but I simply couldn't find anything about or from him since 2012. His Doomworld profile shows he's likely not good at English, which would explain, why he's not active neither here nor in /idgames, but unlike Eternal's case (who was proven to be alive even after 3 years of pause between Frozen Time and ICAR2015), from him, I couldn't see anything. Even on his website I haven't found anything new.

I started to worry a bit earlier because right after he disappeared, some really bad shit has been started to happen in Ukraine, I guess all of you know, what I'm talking about - and in fact, I'd really really miss his godlike work from the global Doom community.

I'm asking anyone but obviously, mostly iddqd.ru visitors: is there anything about him we may know? An active contact at least?

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In November 2013 he participated in a speedmapping contest. Last time seen on the Russian forum in September 2015. Most likely he's fine, just not that much into Doom nowadays. Maybe Laions or someone else knows more.

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Oh...well, this way it's more understandable. Glad he's active anyway!

I asked Lainos once but he told he disappeared, implying he's not gonna return. Of course I was skeptical.

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Ah, great, I'd miss him.

I do miss anyway, but same goes for Eternal, so...there's not much to do but waiting.

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