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ZDoom - No Sound

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So, I have a similar post like this, but it's about GZDoom which ended up being very broken...
But now, I have no sound in ZDoom and I really have no idea what could have caused this. I remember this happening after I disabled some sound channels on my Gameboy emulator and I'm not really sure if that info helps or not, but I enabled them again afterwards.

This is the startup log.


Log started: Sat Apr 23 22:58:29 2016

M_LoadDefaults: Load system defaults.
Using program directory for storage
Gameinfo scan took 0 ms
W_Init: Init WADfiles.
adding C:/Users/Frisky/Games/Source Ports/ZDoom/zdoom.pk3, 584 lumps
adding ./doom2.wad, 2919 lumps
I_Init: Setting up machine state.
CPU Speed: 2295 MHz
CPU Vendor ID: GenuineIntel
Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2350M CPU @ 2.30GHz
Family 6, Model 42, Stepping 7
Features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 SSE4.1 SSE4.2
Sound init failed. Using nosound.
V_Init: allocate screen.
S_Init: Setting up sound.
ST_Init: Init startup screen.
Checking cmd-line parameters...
S_InitData: Load sound definitions.
G_ParseMapInfo: Load map definitions.
Texman.Init: Init texture manager.
ParseTeamInfo: Load team definitions.
LoadActors: Load actor definitions.
R_Init: Init Doom refresh subsystem.
DecalLibrary: Load decals.
M_Init: Init menus.
P_Init: Init Playloop state.
ParseSBarInfo: Loading default status bar definition.
ParseSBarInfo: Loading custom status bar definition.
D_CheckNetGame: Checking network game status.
player 1 of 1 (1 nodes)
Resolution: 800 x 600

If you can find out what the problem is, please tell me as soon as possible. Playing Doom really sucks without sound.

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BrainMuncher said:

"Sound init failed. Using nosound."

Is sound working in other programs?


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Did you properly set everything up? The sound message comes without any error, which may indicate that the sound DLLs are missing.

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Ah, I accidentally deleted the sound DLL file.
Thanks for your help.

(I'm very stupid.)

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