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Jaxxoon R

[GUY ON YOUTUBE] has opinion!

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Wow guys, [GUY ON YOUTUBE] that does [THING PEOPLE APPARENTLY CARE ABOUT] has a [POLARITY] opinion on [VIDEO GAME]. I'm going to make an entire thread on [FORUM] asking you what you think in a grab to have justification of my [TASTE IN VIEWING] and [GENDER/NEUTRAL PRONOUN]'s [OPINION].

Seriously guys, can we cut it with all the threads about what [BASTARD CHILD SPLINTER COMMUNITIES] or some random jabroni on YouTube thinks of the game? I believe it's pretty well-established at this point that:

If(person!= """Super Duper Shill Fanbuddyâ„¢""" or
Has actually played the original games and understands them or
Simply doesn't enjoy Doom 4 for being a game not to their their tastes or
Is above 12 years old mentally)

Albeit seems to be dying down a small tad, but I guess it's just better to raise a hand before we end up with horse corpse paste.

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I officially endorse this thread. It's a dumb trend of posts and we can do without it.

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Agreed. I was going to do a review, but decided I didn't want any part of pushing my opinion, one way or the other, on people. I also want my channel to be all about gameplay, not those recycled "Info/Breakdown/Comparison" videos that are regurgitated every week that most games have.

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