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Ambient/Atmospheric Midi tunes

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I didn't think this topic really suited the classic Doom section so i'll just leave this here.

Does anyone know of any ambient and/or atmospheric midi tunes? I'm currently in the process of creating a wad for Boom, but rather than use the standard heavy, intense, up beat and easy listening midi tracks we're all probably used to, are there any tunes that rely on being eerie or haunting and so on? Imagine the PSX Doom soundtrack but in standard midi format, something along those lines.

Doesn't matter if it's from an existing game or wad.

Google didn't really yield good results, giving the impression that's there's not much in the way of ambient midi. It probably isn't easy trying to make this style sound convincing using something like midi either, but i'm sure something like it exists.

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kuchitsu said:

The Talosian Incident - several songs, atmospheric but maybe not that great musically.

This is the sort of thing i'm after. Currently in the process of listening through the tracks. Some are a bit hit and miss but others are pretty good.

I may eventually go ahead and make my own tracks rather than use existing ones directly, especially since i may not find exactly what i'm after. Nevertheless, TTI is good inspiration.

I'll still proceed to check out any other suggestions, if any.

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oh yeah, i remember Fisk made one ambient WIP for that Doom 64 in Doom II project, you might wanna ask him about that. and if we're talking PSX Doom-styled MIDIs, there's this one i made for that too. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c2ya5p9yknmf8sf/Crystal%20Peaks.mid?dl=0

if Talosian Incident's music works for you, you can check out Cygnus IV, it's composed by the same guy.

finally, Zora did a cover of Retribution Dawns from PSX Doom. it's in Sunlust map30, dunno where else to find it.

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Doomhuntress, your Crystal Peaks midi is the exact style i'm after. Have you made more like this?

The wad i'm developing is composed of 4 maps, so i'm only looking for 6 tracks in total (title screen and intermission included).

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unfortunately no. making this style of music is, as you mentioned, very hard to do, since you have to think out of the box with how to approach the process of the whole thing.

i still think you should go through some of Talosian Incident's music, it does have some darker stuff in it once you comb through it a bit. i don't recall the map-names off the top of my head, but some of them should be dark and minimalist enough to perhaps work with what you're going for. given Fisk's, mine, and i'd say at least two tracks from Talosian Incident you could have all the ingame music covered.

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