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2 random maps

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made these long time ago, for Freedoom project, now that they were removed due being to0 detailed and freedoom aiming for vanilla only, i can post them here, i just retextured some parts, and remove some Freedoom texures only to make them compatible with Doom.wad

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nbzdp23tbe9utmr/E1m5E2m5.zip (Fixed link)

Maps: E1M5, E2M5
Sourceports: should work with any sourceport that dont aim for vanilla limit. both maps were made in Doom Format, so there shouldnt be any zdoomins around.

E1M5 Screens:


E2M5 Screens:

there still 3 maps i need to edit to make it compatible with Doom, but those are for Doom2.wad

I never got feedback on what i can improve as mapper, the thing its, i practiced with those maps to make them less lineal (because most of my maps were too lineal) so i tried to make many paths possible players can take, but also people told me my no lineal maps tend to be confusing :P so judge by yourself.

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I think you zipped up a lot more than just the two levels.

First exit:
No deaths.

I got lost for a long time because I didn't realize when I could get to the blue key. The maps look nice, but I think they're a bit over-detailed, and obscure some of the switches (or they just don't match my personal preference). There was also too much armor; I think I counted a total of 5 green armors, most of them within 1-2 minutes of each other, and made the map really easy to play. Overall, good map, and I had fun blasting through them.

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I think these maps are nearly perfect, it's just E1M5 has too much armor and two bugs in E2M5:

2 issues in E2M5.

1) These bars pass through the floor.

2) Unknown flat

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@Bloody Acid:

and i wonder why my file was 40mb lol, thanks this would by helpful to know how much armor i will set per level now from foward because thats one of the main bad habits i have in make maps. sometimes i feel i dont set lot of armor :P probably 2 armors per map and 1 mega armor as secret would be fine

thanks man for finding those, i though i fixed the bars by adding texture under the bars and the acid floor (lower texture) would fixed it. hmm its seems not i guess im going to make them sector then. i think the second screen its frm E1M5 since those borders are from the blue door. but i fixed them i knew i forgot some textures around

i guess im going to learn more about prboom technicalities since i barely know a bit when people talks about them. right now im just reading about how to run demos there because the last time i use prboom the source port used a small resolution in windowed mode and i didnt have sound at all. after that didnt touched it again hehe :P

although i assume you wasnt able to leave the hole in the box corner in E2M5 i fixed it right now.

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