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Snapmap, confirmation vs speculation.

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I can feel it coming,... another thread about snapmap... what more can be said, but hey, we are
hyped enough for one more right? No seriously i'd like to adress a few things that were touched
on other posts here and there, and bundle em together in one neat little post :)

I have read and seen a lot of things but i didn't exactly memorize every punctuation
or what they said in which article, interview, or what was shown in which video.

What do we know for certain and what may be open for change when talking snapmap?
From what i've understood there are snappoints to gather that unlock certain features.
(please don't shoot me if any of these were already confirmed or otherwise.)

Is it possible that in snapmap we are able to unlock :

-More players ?
-Other tilesets?
-Demons to play ?
-Tools within the editor?

What do we know,... what do we start with? basicly, what is there to unlock?

Can we choose to make maps private/password protected?
because maybe we may not want to share every crappy attempt of a map with the
entire world but just the friends that u can endure laughing in your face
when it's a complete failure.

I know its been said but, no outdoor levels, how did they say it? at this moment? or definitely never?

We have seen that the loadouts can be turned off now, so no more worries about that.
We know the speed can be altered, so that's a relief for some i believe.

Feel free to add speculations and confirmations to the list.
(almost more hyped for editing than for the campaign :) almost...

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6 SnapMap threads on page 1... can't you discuss all the relevant stuff in 1 or 2 threads? This forum is overflowing with redundant threads lately.

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SnapPoints are only used to either visually customize your character or to buy new menu icons for your maps that people see when scrolling through the available maps to play.

There won't be anything locked away in terms of actually building the levels.

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