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DWS [Contest: 1] Doom Funnies

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The contest has begun!

Doom Wad Station will begin hosting contests from time to time starting with this one.

Note that all entries will be considered for a place in the "This Week in Doom" article each week. Our goal is to have one featured each week for as long as we can keep it up.

Contest 1: Doom Funnies

Submit drawings of your own work that is Doom-related and funny. Entries can be anything from a sketch to a portrait, one panel to a strip. Computer-art is okay. Can have captions drawn into the picture.

The Rules

  • Submissions must be of your own work! Submitting anything found to not be your own will disqualify you from any future tournaments we hold. The one exception is if you submit something for another and explicitly state that it is that person's work, in which case the prize would be theirs to claim.
  • All submissions made are under the expressed agreement that they can be featured in an article at my discretion. Credit will of course be given. For this reason, we ask that you obtain an author's permission to post their work here before doing so.
  • Limit of two (2) entries per person, though you can feel free to post others in this thread if you are okay with them possibly being featured in an article, once again at my discretion.
  • The theme for this is Doom; drawings must relate to it, though the drawings can involve other things.
  • Submissions should be drawn, though I will accept other forms of art.
  • Submissions can be new or old pieces of work; age is no issue..
  • Submissions can have a small caption drawn into the picture.
  • Submissions will be graded in multiple categories, which will be weighted and averaged together to form a final score. The scoring system is as follows: 50% comedy (how funny it is), 20% art (the quality of the art), 15% simplicity (how easily it gets the point across using the least amount of panels/text/etc. Detail will not be punished, being instead rewarded in the "art" category), and 15% how much it relates to Doom.
  • Winners will be chosen through two means: Bob/myself and votes. The results of these two categories will be meshed together to give us our winners.
  • The authors of the top two ranking entries will receive prizes: (US dollars) $50 value for 1st and $50 for 2nd.
  • Prizes will be an online commodity agreed upon by the winner and myself.
  • Contest will run from May 14 12:00 AM to May 28 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time)

Prizes will be given in the form of Steam/GOG/iTunes/etc. gifts, a donation to your favorite charity, or a commission for a free MIDI from Jimmy*! Forming a special partnership with Jimmy, I will be offering an increased prize value if the winner goes with Jimmy's services, totaling $60 instead of $50. *Note that this covers only up to that point; if you order an $80 MIDI you will be expected to pay the remaining $20. The winner will be PM'd and will choose how he/she wants to receive his/her prize. If the winner is in the US, a universal gift card is also an option.

Thanks in advance to everyone and Good Luck!

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Lol! Well while the first one might not score high in the "art" category ;p (still prolly better than I could do, though) it did make me laugh and would be a good submission. The second would be a great submission. But then it'd come down to who the author of each are; I wouldn't be surprised if that Bob Ross one has been around the internet a while; I know the pic of him has, but if you made 'em (inserted the Doom portrait behind him), yes, they would both qualify :)

They won't count as submissions for now, as the contest will not be starting for a couple weeks, but when it starts if you want those two to be your submissions they would be perfectly acceptable to me. I also like the simplicity of both of them.

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Got some feedback here and there, so I've been doing some more thinking.

The grading system will be changed to reflect that comedic value should be the priority. Art should be rewarded but not weighted the same as comedy. In addition, how much the drawing relates to Doom will become another category, weighted very lightly and treated as something everyone should get full points for, barring rare exceptions. Current grading system is this: 50% comedy, 30% art, 15% simplicity, and 5% how much it relates to Doom.

The time-limit; exams are coming up towards the end of May and early June, so I may extend the time limit for college students. The start date will remain the start date because that is more than enough time to iron out any stray details.

Some people may be thinking that there isn't many funny things to be drawn with Doom. This is a contest more for the imagination than art skill, which is why I've bumped down the weight of the art category, which I might bump down further, though I do want to reward someone's effort if they are a good artist and take pride in their work, even if it is something small and dumb, heh. But here is an example I made over the course of a few beers last night: (with a little help from the iWads; remade differently, but close enough to know what they are)

Now, is it a Rembrandt? Not even close. Are snowmen ever associated with Doom? Not to my knowledge; but it is related to Doom through the plasma rifle. Is it cheesy? Yes; if you consider anything done in paint to be cheesy, but at least there's enough detail for a couple levels of comedy.

No agreement? Tough crowd ;D

Look, the drawing sucks, but the point is that while Doom is the theme, it doesn't have to be the whole thing.

To Maes: I like that drawing; that's funny. I've seen it at least a couple times and that would be a great submission to the contest when it starts.

But I really wanna hear what people think about the background stuff; the important stuff about how this is gonna work.

Also, please help choose a judge! It's not necessary for us to have one, but I think it'd be more fair to have one.

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The contest has begun!

For the next two weeks, submit your Doom-related drawings and bring laughter to the world! This is all about imagination, so be creative, have a good sense of humor, above all else, have fun and you may be one of two lucky people who win a prize!

Note that some things have changed, so be sure to re-read the OP

Thanks in advance to everyone and Good Luck!

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