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Death Egg

Mods that change gameplay and work with MCS

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I've never messed with Doom 3 modding or, really, Doom 3 at all. I have a friend who wants to try out the Mars City Security co-op together with me but will only try it if the game is modded to be closer to the original, or at least improves the experience, hopefully without completely breaking the gameplay. Would anyone have any suggestions?

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Death Egg said:

What's the difference between the three co op mods? Like I said I know nothing of doom 3

OpenCoop is limited to 4 Players only , and has few campaign bugs that Makes it not co-op friendly .
LMS Supports up to 16 players per server and is fully co-op friendly.
MCS Allows only up to 8 Players per server but it's incomplete, some SP Levels are missing and some others aren't working properly .

EDIT : Forgot to mention MCS Doesn't support ROE, but the other 2 mods support it , MCS Also modifies the gameplay which is why i prefer LMS For Co-op .

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Death Egg said:

Ah, I see... What kind of gameplay modifications does it make?

Reduces movement speed, changes max ammo capacity for some weapons and behavior for some others.

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