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How can I run Romero's new maps in GZ doom

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The simplest way is to have doom.wad and one of his map wads in your GZDoom folder and then drag and drop the romero.wad over the GZDoom exe. You can then start a new game and idclev to the modified map.

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extract gzdoom to a directory.

add doom.wad to same directory

drag and drop e1m4b.wad onto gzdoom.exe

open console with tilde (~) key and enter "map e1m4" (could be e1m4b haven't looked)

press return


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or just use a bat file:

open notepad

write gzdoom.exe -iwad doom.wad -file e1m4b.wad

save file like run e1m4b.bat

run bat

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have you dropped e1m4b onto gzdoom.exe and run it with doom.wad? that's the easiest way to do it. note that it replaces E1M4, not E1M1, so open the console (the ~ key), type "map e1m4" and you'll appear on it.

the more convenient way for future playthroughs with other custom levels would be to run the game with the launcher ZDL. then do the following:

1. setup ZDL so that you have GZDoom listed in the source-port tab and Doom in the IWADs section
2. add e1m4b to external files and select doom.wad from the IWADs section
3. launch the game

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got it working. could have sworn I tried dragging the e1m4 map into the launcher before and nothing, but it's working now. thanks

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