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Alternative Rock Project

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I just released the first EP with the music project that I have with my brother. The EP is called Spectrum.

Spectrum has an alternative rock sound with progressive and electronic influences. It was record, mixed and mastered at my own house with a cheap mic and a cheap guitar (any traces of bad mixing can be attributed to me).

You can check it out here, and possibly buy it if you like it:

Edit: Also, if you've been following the 'Revolution! MIDI Pack project', the track that I've submitted there called 'The Revenant' is in Spectrum by the name 'Phantom'.

Edit... Again...: I've released the instrumentals as well: https://isotype.bandcamp.com/album/spectrum-instrumentals

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These sound really good! Just the perfect amount of production if you ask me. Sounds like QotSA meets the Smiths which is the biggest compliment I can give. Nice dynamics, tension and rhythm. Not super melodic... more atmospheric and driving. People should give this a listen if they like driving, alternative, poppy rock music. I'd love to hear more. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks man, glad you like it!

We're already working on our first full length album that will come out at the end of the year.

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