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ZDaemon flickers a lot

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Hi everyone, I have encountered a problem with ZDaemon 1.10b07. (downloaded from official site)

If I run it in windowed mode, it kinda doesn't refresh the screen, you can move around the menus, you can start the game, you will hear music, but the screen won't reflect any of these changes. (it just keeps displaying the titlepic)

If I run it in fullscreen mode, is flickers a lot. If I turn on uncapped framerate, it flickers a bit less, but it's still a pain in the eyes to play.

My OS is Win7 32-bit, graphics is AMD Radeon HD8500M, processor is Intel Core i3-4005U.

Oh, and it does this regardless of if I run it from the launcher or just by running zdaemon.exe.

Thanks a lot!

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Big, big thanks, Alteus. I set ZDaemon to use the integrated Intel graphics instead (I guess integrated graphics are strong enough for a source port of an 1993 game, right?) and all works like a charm.

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