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GBA Doom: The Lost Levels [Release]

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Hello, community! I want to show you my another release - GBA Doom: The Lost Levels. This mod/hack developed for real Gameboy console (but, of course, you can use emulators) and includes 24 new levels from PC version (unused) and Playstation version (exclusive PSX maps, thanks to Kaiser).

DeXiaZ aka Fantom - project idea, project leader, maps, new textures
SV Kaiser - GBA Doom tools + Red blood patch
Kloki38 и kgsws-CZ - GBA Doom Editor (thx to Kloki38 for reupload)
DukeNukem4ever, GanGsteRinO999, D1m3, N00b2015 - beta-testers



Click here! Or here!. It's a GBA patch, you need a Lunar IPS and original Doom rom to make your own "The Lost Levels" rom. Don't forget to do a backup before start patching!

Known bugs (can't be somehow fixed): monsters and players sometimes can go through solid walls (like "noclip" cheat) in random places. Green fireballs are invisible for no reason. In level "Entryway" (#19) in SSG room a "monitor" texture is lagging. Also, skybox in first "episode" is lagging too.

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Just tried it, it defintely feels like GBA Doom. It's pretty damn good, surprised you didn't use Redemption Denied instead of the Crusher, other than that, and the bugs. It's really good.

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Thank you very much! I thought about Redemption denied but I didn't wanted to make such big "plot-holes". I mean, after map05 I made a big plot-hole with revenants and other guys (started in the final area, as you can see), but I wanted to finish this game before Mancubi and Arachnatrons ;)

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Pretty good for a romhack, but I don't think I will ever finish it due to the controls, though I did went through 3 Maps on the 1st episode. I went through the first 3 Maps of E1, nothing special, just GBA Doom's rendition of the E3 maps of PC Doom. I took a look at the 1st maps of E2 & E3. Those were much interesting.

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