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SLADE problem

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When I try to view textures in slade's texture editor they sometimes show up as black and white or red and black chess pattern. This issue only seems to happen with graphics that are in doom format.

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From my topic

yaqxsw said:
5. As I save my new WAD file, play it and see, that on this WAD lost some texture... the texture looks like chess. How can I combinate the texture in Doom2 (The texture ressource are from Deus Vult and tarakans)?

Kappes Buur said:
Loading additional resource pwads into Doombuilder2 does not mean that the textures you use from those will be loaded into your pwad when you save your map. To play your map so that you see those textures you have to load the resource pwads with your pwad.

Or, you could load your pwad and the resource pwads into Slade3 and copy the textures from the resource pwads into your pwad.

Try here. Probably it will help you: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=How-to-Import-Textures

You need just take Flats and Texture.

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illuknisaa said:

This issue only seems to happen with graphics that are in doom format.

Sounds like you mightn't have set a Base Resource archive (usually the Doom2 IWAD) or selected a palette.

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