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Help me identify these Doom Remixes

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I have been working on my wad and included various Doom remixes in additional to external songs by other artists. Unfortunately most of the Doom remixes I collected are from individuals who love making Brutal Doom music compilations and provide very poor credits (I'm gradually understanding why people hate BD fanboys).

So I have been going on a giant youtube research binge to identify who made every song I used in my wad. The best clues I got was a rough list of names of artists who made some of the songs (which I suspect some are missing). After a few hours of research I managed to find most artists that I can credit! Unfortunately I am stumped with 3 songs, which I really could use help identifying.

The 3 songs are remixes of some original Doom songs including:
- D_E2M2
- D_Romero
- D_Stalks

They are in Ogg files (didn't know how to convert them via Slade, if it's even possible). If anyone would download the songs I have and tell me what artists made these remixes or point me to the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

MediaFire Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5ufjjb095fp1f8w/Unidentified_Doom_Songs.rar

All done! A big thanks to Winged_Warrior and Glaice!

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D_STALKS sounds like something DeXiaZ made.

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Winged_Warrior said:

E2M2 by TomGrus

D_ROMERO by Lorcan (his website is down)


You're a good Handsome man! Thank you so much. Now to identify the final song...

It's not Dexiaz, I already checked him a few times.

Anyone have any idea on D_Stalks?

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I think I found the source to D_STALKS!

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You did it, Thank you Glaice!

At last, my mind numbing searching can end. Thank you so much. I don't know how you managed to track this down, but I'm very thankful. I can finally submit my wad to the Doom Archives.

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