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They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

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I thought the upside down first page was a glitch, but now I just realized why It's upside down.


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wheresthebeef said:

Some of these maps are a real headache on Nightmare, especially when health and armor values are screwed up (a small health kit gives just 1 health, health vials give you as much health!)
I seem to have a glitch where I spawn with a shotgun, minigun, and rocket launcher for every classic level, but then when I try to switch using the weapon wheel, it gets stuck, and the only way out is to press the chainsaw key. Doomguy will then put the current gun away, and go through the pulling out chainsaw animation, except hes holding the pump shotgun.
Lost souls also seem to be stuck in the ground half the time and enemies, specifically the Pinky, get stuck on geometry trying to charge the player

That's strange. I've played the classic levels alot and haven't seen any glitches like that. Do you see it more on a specific level?
I think they give you all those weapons by default to make the levels easier to beat. Some levels on the classic list are far along in the episode so you might have had those weapons by then.

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