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What are all the different types of maps layout wise? How would you catagorise them?

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Most of the time, maps are referenced by mapers names here, and some are given names such as a hub map, sandbox maps. How could we classify these maps to fit in a more coherent way. Some maps are classified by their playtype like slaughter maps and some are by layout. if you've names for these I would like to try and make a list of the different types of maps. Any suggestions on making it orginised would be aprecciated. Thanks in advance.

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By size: Small, medium, large.
By progression: Linear, semi-linear, non-linear, sandbox / open world. (Hub based maps can fall into any of the progression types.)

Of course, there is no clearly definable or universally acceptable borderline between any of those subsequent types (like between linear and semi-linear), they're more like orientational, relative and subjective.

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i think there's also a distinction to be made between a linear level which weaves logically around a base and an adventure map which takes the player on a perfectly linear path around much more varied set-pieces... but I don't personally know how to make that distinction hee

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