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Duke Forces game release

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Hello, I am releasing my Duke Forces TC 1.0 today.
I think a lot of classic Doom players would be interested in this, and this seems to be the only part of this site where I could post about it.

Duke Forces is a modification of Duke Nukem 3d inspired by the Star Wars Dark Forces series. It works with all Duke Nukem 3D levels and automatically converts weapons, enemies, textures, sprites, music...pretty much everything into Star Wars content

DUKE FORCES ON MOD DB --Download link is now working--

Run EDuke32 from within the DukeForces folder and it should just work -- you do need the file DUKE3D.GRP but if you have Duke 3D on Steam then you don't need to copy it.

A few disclaimers:
The "Duke Forces" episode is not a true story mode. We don't have new maps yet. It is a collection of old maps that are converted by code on the fly. Same goes for the original Duke 3D episodes. The map files have not been altered in any way. All map authors are credited.
The conversion from Duke content to Star Wars content is not complete. There are still many Duke textures and sprites in the game. Also, the inclusion of some standard Duke enemies is deliberate. If you read the backstory (see Help and the opening crawl of the Duke Forces episode) it explains that the aliens who invaded Earth actually came from the Star Wars galaxy.

I wish I could say that there will definitely be a story mode in a future release, but in reality the future is uncertain. It depends on the mod being able to continue development, and having level designers willing to spend a lot of time making maps.

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I haven't really played anything Duke Nukem related In a while, ever since DNF, I've kind of been unhooked from the series, I still love Duke Nukem and I found DNF to be decent.

Might give this a run though, looks good.

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