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Stopping weapons from lowering?

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Posted this on ZDoom but I figured I could post it on here too. I've been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find an answer to this so sorry if there is one...

I'm working on a project where the player holds 2 weapons, like in the right hand is their melee weapon and left hand is spells. I would like it when the player changes weapons that the melee weapon doesn't lower or raise and only spells do. I know doom doesn't have true dual wielding capabilities but I'm just wondering if there's anyway to get my idea to work? If not I'll just have to compromise I guess.

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Could you tie the second hand to an item system? Like Heretic, but then make items equipped show a sprite on screen, to at least appear like the player has 2 separate hands, though in reality one represents items while the other weapons. It would allow for total serparate control of right and left hands, though.

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