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Da Eediot

My Doom 2 WAD Keeps Staying In Hexen Format

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I successfully converted my Doom 2 WAD with ZWadConv. That WAD was made in Boom format and then converted. Later on I made a second WAD in ZDoom (Doom in Hexen Format) and saved it into my first WAD as the second map, then I converted it using ZWadConv and now my entire WAD is in Hexen format! So all the monsters and objects I put down are now Hexen monsters and objects instead of Doom ones! Does anyone know how to fix this?

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That's not what the Hexen format is. The Hexen map format is a binary storage format for map data. You literally have just confused the game configs (You have Hexen in Hexen format). You can change this back to Doom in Hexen format in the map options in Doom Builder, either when loading the map or while it's already active.
Unlike the storage format, the game config is superficial, and is only defined by your map editor.

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