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(ZDoom) WAD almost finished, only need to do some fine-tuning

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I picked up one of my projects from 2012 and decided to finish it.
Some may remember it, that super weird Wolf3D thing with those evil cats from space

It`s almost complete, but there are still some things I want to change. I know quite a few things about scripting, but in some areas my skills are still kind of noobish.
Would be more than awesome if someone here could help me out with this stuff.

So here are my questions:

1) Can I lower the bullet puffs that appear at walls when you shoot them? My main character is smaller than the normal doomguy and seeing the bullet puffs appear higher than your gun is kind of weird.

2) Decorate: A_PlaySound does not seem to work when you use it on a frame of weapon (pistol in this case). Is there any alternative to that? I used A_FireBullet to make it shoot, but without a sound it`s kind of dumb.

3) May be super noobish, but I want to change the damage that an enemy gun inflicts upon the player. I couldn`t find a line that seems to set the damage.

Thanks a ton to whoever reads trough this.

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1. Replace their sprites with ones where the puff graphic is lower.
2. Set its AttackSound property. But A_PlaySound should work too. If it doesn't, there is probably another problem, possibly with the sound itself, its (lack of) SNDINFO definition etc.
3. Damage of projectile based attacks is defined as the Damage property of the projectile actor. Damage of hitscan based attacks depends on the attack function, it may be hardcoded/unchangable in some functions (like A_PosAttack, A_SposAttack, A_CPosAttack) and customizable in other functions (like A_CustomBulletAttack).

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