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Hello guys, I’m back from the dead… I suppose…
Almost a year that I havn’t been there !
(is my American correct ???)
(The weather is shitty but it goes with that country I guess...)

Why ? Well for the curious, I’ve been burgled…
They broke my home, steal my computer and many precious things.
(even my Doom games yes it is ! CRAP !)

But forget about that, it may happens in life sometimes…
Well, I rebought a computer and all the Doom ‘cause I’m certainly mad.
It took a very long time to do that ‘cause I’m French if you remember,
and Doom here is unfoundable anymore, but, I own them once again
(OH YES !!!)

In fact, I’ve some questions about a thing and need help or advices.
Some of you are pros in editing and wad making so,
I’d like to know how to make a wad with all the master levels…
(yes, I remember, some of you hate the master levels lol)
But here it is guys, I want to do that, that’s said…

Let me explain as clear as I can…
All I could do at the moment is to replace them, merge them with the doom2.wad,
And change the title pic… That’s all… Because I’m a shit !
I’ve a problem with TEETH.wad because, whatever the exit I take, I warp
To BAD DREAM and it sucks… I don’t know how to make it well…

But I want more !
I want the real level names appear on the map and on the status screen,
placing the right skies you know… Anything.
(and not with the help of a .deh file, just a .wad file like doom2.wad)
In fact making a 21 wad which stop at the 20th map or the 21st (when you warp to the secret level)
And stop ! A final text scrolling and end of story…

I don’t know if it’s possible or not…
Possible to cancel the intermission texts in doom2 and cancel the following maps after the 21st…
Just to make it good ! I’m sure the mighty Elbryan can help me !

Thanx and sorry for being so long !

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ummm... even if anything you just said did make sence, I don't think what your doing is permitted... I serppose if it's for your own personal use, your free to do what you like... but i'm going to what say about what your doing be for i offer any advice.

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Yep !
But now I'm rolling on a new one !
Any help for all my questions ???

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Ok. you are going to need two things:

first you'll need something to explore wad files with.Deepsea will do, but you might also try Wintex.

secondly, you'll need a map editor. Wadauthor should suit you just fine.

You might also whant to grab DeHacked If you whant to edit the level names.

extract the map files and rename them so that thay follow eachother.

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Thanks !
I made my stuff and it works,
I change map places and names with the doom2.wad,
but I still get troubles with Teeth.wad and its secret level...
Well, I don't know if that I want is really possible...
Cause when I take the normal exit, I warp to BAD DREAM
and I'd like to change that...

I need more training...

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