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DarkStar Of The Demon Eclipse Alpha

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This is my project, the DarkStar Of The Demon Eclipse. It is roughly based on Echoes Of Hell, a project I stopped working on. At the moment, it's fairly incomplete, but I wanna release an alpha so it can be tested and that I can have suggestions for improvement. Wanna help me with this project? Send me a PM and I'm sure we can work something out. :)

Have fun, and lemme know what you think. Don't forget to read the manual as well.

Credits are in the archive.

Before I forget, you may have noticed the name "Demon Eclipse" in the project title, I got permission from Eriance/Amuscaria to use the name, even though he is credited, he's credited only for the resources he's uploaded on Realm667, he has not worked on this project, so to anyone that's confused, I hope this will clear things up. :)

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