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How i can Delete Maps and Change their name On Doom Builder?

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I'm making a Compilation MegaWad, and i wanted to move some maps (Map03 being Map01) and Deleting some Maps,
What should i do?

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You will need a program called Slade 3. Then load the Wad you want to edit inside Slade.

Depending on what sourceport you're using you will need to create a particular MapInfo text file which will override the hard coded level structure of vanilla Doom.

It looks like this, but for all maps instead of just the 2 shown below:

//ZDoom and GZDoom ZMAPINFO

map MAP01 "Crash Land"
cluster = 1
levelnum = 1
music = "D_ADRIAN"
sky1 = "SKY1"
next = "MAP02"
par = 100

map MAP02 "Base Entrance"
cluster = 2
levelnum = 2
music = "D_STALKS"
sky1 = "SKY1"
next = "MAP03"
par = 130

To delete maps, you will see a file named after the map number with a couple other supporting files like Textmap, Behavior, Dialogue, Nodes and even Scripts (again, depending on the sourceport the map was made for). Once you delete the files, the map in its entirety should be gone from your wad. Just make sure to set a replacement map in the MapInfo file.

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