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Which Trailer is Better

Which do you like?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you like?

    • DOOM Alpha Gameplay Trailer
    • DOOM PS4 Gameplay Trailer
    • DOOM Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer
    • DOOM Launch Trailer

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Which of the OFFICIAL SINGLEPLAYER trailers (excluding teasers) do you prefer and why?
Doesn't matter whether some has outdated information.

Is it the music?

Is it the introduction?

Is it the special effects?

Is it the directing?

What then?

The Alpha trailer is the one that starts with showing Doomslayer's helmet.

The Campaign (the one ending with the Baron of Hell) is the PS4 one.

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By "PS4 gameplay trailer" I assume you mean the campaign trailer? I voted for that one.

It has a nice buildup and atmosphere in the beginning. The environment shots make it feel like shit has really gone down at this base. Seeing a pissed off doomguy violently scan the dead guy's eye gets you pumped as the music racks up, the revenant's noises tell you that shit's about to go down. I love how it cuts from the screaming revenant to the foundry battle with the doom 3 remix. The super shotgun mixed in with the tower of babel is awesome too, hearing E1M1 slowly come into play is radical. One of the best parts of the trailer is how it transitions from arena to arena with some nice editing work from the glory kills. Having doomguy die in the end is fantastic.

Every other trailer pales in comparison

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Cinematic because IMO it will catch the attention of possible non-doomers, the more doomers the better, IMO. I can see the less informed going "omg masterchief, wait...what, what the fuck is this? Hory shet!" *Googles Doom*

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Launch trailer was really damn good, the campaign trailer was pretty good too and the cinematic trailer was ok. I could care less about the others.

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Doom launcher trailer of course!

Love the intro with doomguy waking up (look at the scars!), cool shot of the argent tower, cool robot, all different landscapes, cool voice over, cool doom armor, hellshots, outside mars shot, gibs, glory kills, cyberdemons, revenants, big explosions, slow mo, revenant, over the top titles, barons of hell, archevile, mancubus, chainsaw kills and the absolute ludicrous final shot resembling the original doom cover in full 3d where doom guy owns the imp that is pulling at his arm...

This was an absolute no contest ;)

Haha ^_^

Also something huge with four legs.. hmmmm

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The launch trailer, obviously.

It truly explains the word "Awesome" without words.

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