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LMP Demos that Span Multiple Levels

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Ok. Dumb qeustion.

Is there a utility that splits these or will they play back correctly?

I seem to remember an issue with this.

I'm using PRBOOM+ (OpenGL), and me and a buddy are going to record and play through a bunch of maps/episodes.

Can I do it as ONE huge demo? Will it playback okay?

-complevel 4 I believe is what I"ll use (most compatible, I think).

Also... any issues with saving/loading the game?

-recordfrom 0-5 I also seem to remember...
Gah. Sorry.

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Ok. -recordfrom is for Quake/Quake2.

So nevermind on that one.

You can do this for Doom/Doom2:

doom2.exe -loadgame 'n' -record mydemo
doom2.exe -loadgame 'n' -playdemo mydemo

(course you have to keep the savegame, but at least it works).

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(configuration, warping)
doom -loadgame <savegame>

This parameter starts Doom from a previously saved game. The savegame is normally a number from 0 to 5 (these stand for the 6 slots available from the "save game" menu) although an edited slot using any other single readable character, such as a single digit number or a letter, will also be loaded (doom -loadgame z will load doomsavz.dsg). If you use this parameter with -record, a demo will be produced, but it will quite likely not properly be played back, becuase it will start "from scratch" on the usual player start, instead of using the location and conditions of the saved game, even if -loadgame is used along with -playdemo or -timedemo (in which cases it is ignored).

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If you mean play levels separately and stitch the demos together, that will not work because the random number generator doesn't reset itself when you go to a new map. You can use the -recordfromto option with prboom+ to continue where you left off (or at any point) in a demo though, so you could demo record and exit when you get to the next map, then rejoin the demo later on (no need to save the game, the demo is doing that for you).

In the same way, you cannot "split" a multilevel demo, because the random number generator will be in the wrong spot when it tries to play it back (not to mention you would be pistol starting in the split level despite your original demo starting with the last map's equipment).

complevel 4 is for final doom, complevel 2 is doom 2, and complevel 3 is ultimate doom.

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Oh no, I didn't mean that.
I thought I remembered that demos could NOT span multiple levels. If I'm wrong there, then the post is moot!

I do like the PRBOOM+ recordfromto command, very unique and still Doom compatible. (It kinda merges the -loadgame -record <name> functionality).

So, my buddy and I can record ONE BIG-ASS demo from e1m1 through e1m8 and be all good on playback?

(-maxdemo 4096 notwithstanding)

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Tolwyn said:

So, my buddy and I can record ONE BIG-ASS demo from e1m1 through e1m8 and be all good on playback?


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kuchitsu said:

Btw in prboom-plus you don't need maxdemo. (such command probably doesn't even exist there)

Ok, cool (I'm old school and didn't know)

(old voice:)
I used to have a Gateway P90 200Mhz computer with a 700MB HD....

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