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Demos for miscellaneous Cyberdemon531 (G)ZDoom maps

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Promised cyber a demo.

Hell's Memento Map 01 UV-Speed in 0:41
Previously 0:42 by rehelekretep

This is pretty goddamn awful, I can neither move nor aim in zdoom :O
GZDoom 1.9.1


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Time doesn't necessarily imply quality, I was only talking about my own demo. You can beat a really clean demo with a sloppy, but more aggressive one, for instance.

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Yeah short maps are dominated by ultra-aggro YOLO routes. And early resets. If anything bad happens in the first few seconds or so, might as well reset, because resets aren't very expensive in terms of the overall time you spend on a run at that point.

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Hell's Memento
Map 01 Pacifist in 0:43
GZDoom 2.0.05

Previously 2:15 by rehelekretep

This is pretty meh, but it was the only run where I actually picked up the red key, so I'm not doing another.


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really cool stuff

i must admit im too lazy to dl your version of gzdoom; will you be uploading all these to YT or should i just stop whining? :p

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kraflab said:

Map 03 Pacifist in 0:21

Duh... not bad!

kraflab said:

Map 06 Pacifist in 0:05

Another unintentional one, but I found it myself after the wad was done this time hehe

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