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Demos for miscellaneous Cyberdemon531 (G)ZDoom maps

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Hi there, long time DooMer, first time demo'er :D I tried to beat Cyberdemon's time in The Green Machine's Map11 UV Max , succeeded, and then she trounced me :D I'll be going now, been nice knowing you...


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My darling boyfriend and I were chatting shit about some of my awful one-take demos for some of my own WADs, and he decided to beat my time in this one from a 1:55 to 1:46, of which I get a 1:36 immediately, and slowly get it down to 1:14 over the course of the evening. Hopefully you enjoy the run! :D
Previous exits:  
1:55 - 11/29/14
1:36 - 4/13/18
1:32 - 4/13/18
1:22 - 4/13/18
1:21 - 4/13/18
1:14 - 4/13/18



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Secretdoom: Disrepair 2 MAP02: "Icy Outpost" UV Max in 1:31


This was pretty difficult to attain. Got stuck around the 1:35 range for a while, the main thing that got my time down this much was just deciding to grind the punches rather than use chaingun for lots of enemies. So the run revolves around facepunching exploding enemies without dying. Sick!



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