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The midi music volume

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We're working on community megawad with friends and each author puts in his map a midi music whichever he wants.

But the result is kinda crazy. When someone uses some Hexen music, it's OK, but suddenly the following map starts playing some metal and it's very loud.

Is there any easy way for a noob like me how to adjust or lower volume of a midi track? Is Slade3 capable of editing the midi volume? (probably not).

Any advice?

Thank a lot!!

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^ Not named like that, and the maps will all be small-ish and short-ish. And still, the project is in development almost since the time when ZOF was released, and steadily increases in size by only 3-5 maps per year.

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Scifista42 nailed it!

Approx. five years ago I got an idea - make megawad with short maps (about 5-10 minutes of playtime tops). Claustrophobia style, you know...

I thought "Short maps take less time to make, so it could be done very soon!"

Ooops five years later, still not done :D

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