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I hope this game receives rave reviews so we can get better map making tools. I want to be able to create structures and environments. I mean, they HAVE to let us mod the whole thing. Give us more control and the game would be fucking perfect.

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I really doubt that someone won't eventually figure out a way. The game isn't even out yet and we already have to tool to unpack models, and the creator is already working on importing files. The real question is to what extent is the game relying on megatextures.

Edit: Not only is he already working on it, he's almost done. His moddb page says he hopes to have it out by Friday.

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While I agree with your sentiment,

MINDustry said:

I mean, they HAVE to let us mod the whole thing.

No, they really don't.

Anyway, even if there were proper mod tools released, I wouldn't be using them. Why? Because I'm still involved in a Mod project for Doom 3. If it's taking us this long to get Phobos done, I'd hate to think how long a project in IdTech6 would take.

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