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Sgt Ender's bag of resources

What do you think of these?  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think of these?

    • They're all amazing!
    • I liked some of these, but some of them are... Eh.
    • Most I didn't like, but some I liked.
    • They're all pretty bad. A for effort though.

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If so, here are some things I made.

Shotgun sprites:



Skull torch sprites:

Modified plasma rifle sprites:

Anyways, that's all, but I hope you find use for these!

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Send them to Realm667, so I may remember to perhaps use them - they look really nice and I especially like the plasma rifle.

I've had a similar idea for the plasma rifle, i.e. the same rifle only with different color indicators --- I'd personally have them fire the indicated color in plasma balls too.

Oh, I think I understand now; the red variations replace the "tilt the gun back" frames - okay.

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These torches look real nice, although they could use a bit of a touch-up... I guess it's just me, though.

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