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A couple (rough draft) maps

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Hello, everyone! Here's a couple of Deathmatch maps that I've been working on, on-and-off, for the past year or so. These maps are small and don't really have a whole lot of detail, but I will make some changes to these maps when I have the time. These maps are far from being complete. I still have to fix some texture/sector alignments, as well as change some other details to the maps. I want to improve on my mapping first before I release any level *officially*. I figure that it would be best to get other players' constructive feedback. Feel free to give me advice on what to change and improve on before I officially release these maps. I would greatly appreciate it.

Map idea 1:

Map idea 2:

EDIT: Spelling errors and sentence structure (English isn't my best subject. I'm a work in progress).

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Played the first map, it's ok but maybe switching the SSG and RL slot it could be better... Also what is the purpose of that cell packs spawn on the eastern section of the main outdoor section.

Also, please move this thread to the multiplayer section, thanks.

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