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The blood pile isn't even billboarding correctly..

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AnonimVio said:

Cancelling my pre-order raiht fakin nao.

I cancelled on the first nonaligned easter egg texture and then cried holding my doom box. it triggered me.

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So, how long before every half ass wanna be map maker starts putting an "AGN3T I3T" Easter egg in their wads/SnapMap like they're some sort of deep edgy hipster?


I'll be the only one? Goddamn I'm lame.

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mistercow said:

alright im too stupid someone explain

Some of the computer textures in Doom have the words "TEI TENGA" written on them, which is a remnant from the original plot of the game, where it took place on an extrasolar moon or planet or something called Tei Tenga. In D44M, they have randomly mirrored some of these textures so the writing is backwards.

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Let's say it was the local computer engineer that set it up incorrectly. The idea here is to show that UAC might be seen as this powerful mega corporation but in reality it is full of incompetent people.

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Only the side facing the screen is mirrored...I'm thinking maybe there's some weird similarity to the Source engine, where square brushes you put down have three of their six faces mirrored for some reason...this still doesn't explain STARTAN being upside down in E1M2 though...

EDIT #1: Did Doom 3 or Rage's editors do what Valve's Hammer did?

EDIT #2: There's AGN3T I3T in Portal, too.

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