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the epidermis emporium's download links have been fixed!

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(Actually, I submitted this to the news section a few days ago, but it was never posted.)

For about 3-4 weeks, the skins on the Epidermis Emporium could not be downloaded, due to a change in file servers at newdoom.com.

I have now fixed all the links, and all of the skins are available once again.

Unfortunately, with the new file server comes a new restriction of the amount of file space used. In order for me to update the emporium (which I plan to do within the next wo weeks), I will have to reduce the number of skins available from the current 180, to about 120 so I can add the new skins (and updated skins) I have received since the last big update in December.* (See note below)

I highly recommend that you visit the Epidermis Emporium right now and download this skins you like best right now, in case your some of your favourite skins are among those that get removed for the next update. This will not only help you, it will also help me as well. Since the number of downloads a file has is listed on the file server, I will quickly be able to learn which files are most popular, and be better able to decide which files to remove from the emporium


(*I haven't been able to do an update on the site since December, due to the firewalled server I was hooked to, and was unable to connect to New Doom's FTP. I am currently free of the firewall, and updating the site is now a high priority.)

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Its a good idea to watch download stats etc. and see what people are after, helps you to tailor your site to people's needs.

I'd make some kind of comment regarding looking for alternative hosting, but some people might misinterpret it as an excuse for a flamewar :)

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I removed 41 files from the emporium on August 3rd. I am in the process of getting a number of new and updated skins ready for upload at the moment. A planned change in the Mindless Games Network file server is delaying the uploading of the new files, but I should have them ready soon.

In the meantime, I have added a Skins Trouble Shooting FAQ to the site, and a page with a list of rules for submitting new skins.

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