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Steam Reviews, eating crow

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Steam reviews are nearly all very positive now. I bet half of them them never even played the beta, but just jumped on the bandwagon. I have a buddy who said this game looked like halo and was crap for the last year. He played for 30 min last night and said it was amazing. That's because it is. Doom is back.

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Most of those reviews were trashing the whole game for no reason. I get complaints about speed and weapon pickups if you are a quake fan but most people were just being gay about it. I love the multiplayer personally. Could do with a classic death match mode though.

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A theory I made earlier may of been correct. Those who dissed the game terribly claimed they "took the game to heart, they remember it fondly while they were young" were actually were the opposite and never cared to do any research on the new Doom content and mistaken the entire game with its multiplayer.

I'm very glad to see the Doom game have great reviews, it deserves it. The game is something special I tell you what.

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