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Awesome screenshots thread.

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Gotta say they handled organic/outdoor areas extremely well, looks like it'll be a lot of fun to explore!

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Oh my fuck. I wasn't keen on the barren hellscape but the aesthetic is growing on me. I'm going to have to either vastly upgrade my PC or get an X-box soley to play this now.

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A couple of screenshots by me.
I'm playing with the "gritty" render mode, that I like more than default one.

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That is fucking awesome!!!

Indeed, it is! I didn't like too much the slightly "cartoonish" look, but this render mode ("Gritty") is perfect.
The foundry now has the same look of Terminator 2, and some corridors remind me Alien or Prometheus.

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HorrorMovieGuy said:

@antiriad Damn, Olivia is downright creepy. She looks like a cross between Carrie and a xenomorph.

Hahaha that's right! :D

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