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Blow Up Your YouTube

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Possibly because of the new Doom game that was just released today spurring a renewed interest in classic Doom the past few weeks (or months), lots of new content has come out on that YouTube video streaming website. Here are several you might find worth watching:

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Wait, the new Doom game was released today?? Has the day finally come?

I was not really following it, my PC could not run it anyway, but I'd check out the single player campaign.

And will definitely check out on Youtube. Bethesda has better not fuck it up.

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savagegrant said:

I got excited for a moment there thinking they were gonna play the original Doom, but no, it's the new Doom. :(

I don't think GG ever shows playing old games. Just clips. :(

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I thought this thread was supposed to be just about classic Doom related videos, wasn't it?

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