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Can you play it?

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It's just about playable for me on low settings across the board.

My GPU (Radeon HD 6850) is a serious bottleneck. Haven't upgraded that since '10. I think I'll wait until that fabled new generation of chip architecture is out though.

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Can't really play it on an i5-2400 CPU with a Radeon HD 6870, too slow.

I ordered a GeForce 970 to fix it. According to messages in other forums, the CPU should be ok. Will report back when I got the card and it still does not work.

UPDATE: Runs perfectly with i5-2400 and the 970.

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It doesn't even start for me. When I start it, I see the Steam initializing window for a short while, usually in the background. Then it vanishes and nothing else happens.

Other (but older) games, still newer than my PC, like Rage, run perfectly.

I guess I have to buy a new computer, but for the most part my current one is quite usable, even for many still modern games.

EDIT: I've just tested my PC through http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/. It seems that my GPU and CPU are lagging behind.

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Rage also runs perfectly on my i5-2400 with the hd 6870. So do all other games I have -- with the exception of Doom.

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