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Advanced engine needed : limit-removing port with internal DEHACKED support

PrBoom+ works fine
Crispy Doom works fine
ZDoom 2.7.1 works fine

Don't play it with:
Chocolate Doom - doesn't work due to visplane overflows (one right at the start)
Doom2+ - works fine with -nomonsters, but it is meant to play with one tiny
monster modification, so I don't recommend it.

Description : A map which is slightly shorter and probably easier than xplanada.wad



Version 1.0
Version 1.1 (fixed a HOM-generating lift near sector 453)


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Looks cool; I'll add it to my play list!

Gonna be a big article this week; lotta skilled people releasing maps that look enticing :)

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For a second I thought I loaded 1994TU Map09 by mistake. :p

As I hoped: very interesting level. Here is a FDA. I like the mysterious feel with large rooms that aren't completely filled with monsters, the level talking to you, very fitting music, and various unique moments.

Some of my favorites:
- Stack of teleporting monsters: somehow I knew the arch-vile was coming but I had to kill the HK because I wanted to see it happening. :)
- Press the red switch, get not one but TWO switches to press... Never seen that before.
- The timed trap tells you how much time you have to wait - nice to know.
- The big transformation when you come back to the main hall.
- Cool looking structure in the yellow key cave.

Some maybe questionable parts:
- http://i.imgur.com/fY54THj.png - At the beginning I could see a tiny part of the red wall here.
- http://i.imgur.com/iA08G1L.png - When I pressed this switch first it didn't animate I think? Maybe intentional, I don't want to open it in the editor yet because of spoilers.
- http://i.imgur.com/XzH9SmS.png - I felt weird walking on this thing, to me it looks like the invisible floor should be a bit lower.

I wonder what's the deal with the "don't kill" thing... At first I thought it says to keep the pain elemental alive and guide it somewhere so that it opens something for you, but now I see that the secret seals even before you kill it. I'll definitely have to replay this since I got 0% secrets, so there must be some cool stuff that I missed. I also didn't understand the choice between backpack and blue armor (who's gonna pick the former?!), but maybe there is another blue armor in a secret somewhere...

Possible improvement:
- The arch-viles aren't very willing to leave the exit area. Maybe that's OK or maybe you can guide them a little by placing a block monster line like this? - http://i.imgur.com/U9D5Eal.png
I sometimes do this in my maps so that monsters don't get stuck in corners too much.

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@Memf... kuchitsu:
The most fantastic part of your demo were the corpses jumping in the "don't kill" area. :DDDD

I'm fully aware of misalignments, inconsistent lighting, ungliness of some areas and some other flaws... it's just that I'm soooo slow at mapping, I don't think I'll ever erradicate everything that sucks, maybe some, and it will take time.

But this doesn't mean "people, don't criticize me". Yes, do it! Maybe some issues will be so serious (so annoying to everyone) that they will get the fixing priority.

So yeah, that red wall I did see it as well, didn't fix it yet.
Switch not animating - this is the very last thing in the map I would like to do, behave it like the switch in STRAIN MAP06 - see thread "Jon Landis magic". I still didn't figure out which tool I need to use to change sidedef numbers.

You're probably right about the height of the structure, and also about the arch-viles being a bit slow to come out.

"The secret sealed" is


A timed secret, you have about 2 minutes to get it

Disappointed you didn't get the first, non-secret, rocket launcher.

I usually get the backpack, both backpack and BA are the only ones on the map. It's a choice between ammo comfort and health comfort.

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Hi, just played this now, kuchitsu linked it in another thread. Good map! Here's a terrible, what-is-wrong-with-me calibre FDA, watch only if you want: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/attachment.php?postid=1628614

I agree that the blue armour seems like a much better choice than the backpack. The first time I got to that point I chose the backpack by accident, and didn't find it made too much difference after having spent all my ammo on the "don't kill" monsters. So when I died and restarted I played a lot more conservatively with by ammo and found I had lots even with taking the blue armour.

I also missed that rocket launcher. (I went back and played the map again a little after recording the demo, and got it then.) Don't know why but getting up there just didn't seem obvious.

The transformation of the main area is really cool, well done there especially with being a limit-removing map. The cave is also nice, feels pretty unique.

Minor bug: the crusher on the don't kill spot is untextured, if the player wanters back to that area at the end.

I didn't really like the recolour of the demon but it wasn't too bad. I played in Crispy Doom, and in the low light they just look kind of brown, maybe it's better in a GL port. I guess they have more health, but with the SSG it doesn't seem to make much difference.

Fun map all in all.

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plums' demo should have 100% kills at the end, but didn't have due to mapper's (my) error, I guess...

So you found the soulsphere timed secret! (Though I think now kuchitsu idea with connecting it to not killing the enemies makes sense, I thought it would mean a soulsphere for free, but no...) And I liked how you jumped into a cacodemon's closet, unfortunately I didn't put anything valuable there.

Fixes need time and dedication which I don't have at the moment, for now, just the text files I should have included:

http://pastebin.com/5snzA7kX (standard idgames-style)

http://pastebin.com/tcjA93Gs (extended text file with more info)

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Interesting, I didn't notice I was missing a kill. When I replayed the map I got 100% kills.

And yeah, one "benefit" of dying while playing is that I saw the secret closed message and so I decided to head over there somewhat quickly when I respawned.

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Good stuff :) I got that soulsphere secret, but I ended up screwing myself over by not having any ammo. I see now that there is an area with a box of shells I could have gone to first, near the red key door. Oh well, it turned out ok in the end.

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I feel ashamed about the glide... The only explanation I can think of, "why I let this happen" is that it's useless when recording a speedrun.

Thank you for all the demos, this inspired me to fix and finish this. Hopefully this month.

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