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Oops. Someone sent me an extra Collectors Edition....

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UPDATE: WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN. WATCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUTJS-kS6SE

....so I'm just going to give it away.

Long story short, anything doom-related, I always order (2) of. One to open, and one to leave sealed. I ordered (2) PC Collectors Editions from Amazon, (1) was canceled due to "limited quantity" violation. I then quickly ordered a second one from Gamestop site. I later decided I would do midnight launch, so I canceled the Gamestop online order. So I picked up my midnight launch copy & my Amazon copy is still in shipping. However, I still receive this package from Gamestop randomly at my door today. I check, was never charged for it as the card I ordered with was canceled anyway. Their mistake.

So here's the deal... Someone here is going to get this sealed shiny new PC Collectors Edition free:

The rules are simple:

[ 1. ] You must have a join date of 3/16 or earlier, and you must have at least a post count of 20. This is to combat people creating multiple accounts to enter, and keeps people from signing up only to win (and having no real interest in sticking around). You can check your post count by highlighting the space under your forum name just to the left here... its invisible by default. Sorry to anyone who joined after March, but perhaps you can hop on something like this next time around.

[ 2. ] I was going to limit this to only members from the USA, however I decided if you're international, you can join in, but you'll need to pay shipping and handling fees via confirmed paypal within 48 hours (should you win). Failure to confirm S&H payment within that time means I'll select another winner.
If you're in the USA, don't worry... no charge for shipping & insurance. It'll ship the day after winner provides me shipping details. If you're asking why international has to pay for shipping... heh. It'll probably cost as much as the CE itself, that's why.

[ 3. ] All that need be done is simply respond to this thread "Count me in" to enter. It's about 10PM EST Friday 5/13 right now, so I'll let this run until 10PM EST Sunday night, 5/15. That's roughly 48 hours. At that time, I'll announce cutoff and print a list of everyone who has a comment, toss their names in a can, shake it up, and post the drawing winner youtube link here (so you can verify its not rigged). I'll also PM the winner.

Good luck. And please try to keep questions to a minimal (PM me if its something detailed). Thanks.

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Well hope they don't ask for it back :)

That being said, count me in!

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NoobBait said:

Well hope they don't ask for it back :)

That will not affect the giveaway. I'd just pay up. Simple as that.

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Count me in!

I already have my own, but I'm entering for a friend who really wants the game, and I know would really enjoy this.

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I wish I could join this, but the postal service here in Brazil is so damn shitty that the dumb fucks would literally take sometime up to 2 months to deliver me the game. :(

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