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Questions for those who have the game

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1. Are key cards as prominent as they are in the originals? Do you need them to beat every level?

2. Is the Baron of Hell more of a boss type character or do they appear frequently during gameplay?

3. Are there any hanging bodies/impaled bodies in the levels?

4. Besides the UAC lab/foundry and Hell type levels, are there any other types?

Thanks all

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1. almost

2. first one, then the other

3. yes

4. There are 9 levels, searching these names on youtube will show you what they look like


Resource Operations
Argent Facility
Argent Energy Tower
Kadingir Sanctum
Argent Facility (Destroyed)
Advanced Research Complex
Lazarus Labs
Titans Realm

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I only just got to hell last night and haven't played since, so I won't be able to fully answer these questions but I'll try

1. Out of the 5 levels I've played there've been 2 which have heavily relied on keycards for progression. You need two keycards to complete the level, I had classic Doom vibes there. There was exploration involved too.

2. Not encountered a baron yet

3. Oh yes, yes there are. And there a LOTS of them.

4. You seem to spend a lot more time on the Martian surface than you do inside the facilities from up to what I've played. Other than that and the "Void" areas the Rune challenges teleport you to I haven't seen anything else apart from labs, foundries, Martian surface and Hell

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I love the game but there's some things that are awkward like the keycards. They tried to use them in a realistic manner, so every key in the UAC levels i've played so far are always on color coded bodies. So the yellow key's on a dead dude wearing yellow for example. It's a cool modern trade off I suppose.

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