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UAC DayZ Mod Trailer (sort of ScoreDoom for DayZ Mod)

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This is a promo trailer I just made for a mod for DayZ Mod I have basically finished working on, on and off for the last 2-3 years.

Its similar to ScoreDoom for Doom, where I built something I wanted to play myself that didnt really change core mechanics or feel of the underlying game, but adds to it. Hi scores in-game and overall stats viewable on the web as well, single player supported too. More info, hi score tables & download , as well as how to connect to server I still have up running here: http://uacdayz.scoredoom.com (server files download available soon). I shamelessly tie in Doom, STALKER series and DayZ universes into the mod. As with scoredoom, many features are built from community content, some of it built on other released content, so all credit goes to their work.

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DekuMemer said:

Nice! Looks cool

Thanks man. Its all done, you can easily run, configure and manage your own UAC DayZ server/hive for single player/localhost, LAN or dedicated internet.
I have my server running on gameservers.com till July 20th if you want to check it out.

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